All you need to know about the Xbox Games Showcase

All you need to know about the Xbox Games Showcase

     From Halo Infinite to a new Ip reveal from Obsidian to a last-minute reveal, the Xbox games showcase was a packed show with a lot to offer.
If you couldn't get access to the Livestream yesterday for any number of reasons, don't stress because that's why we are here.

    The showcase started with a short cinematic trailer cutting to gameplay, displaying the refurbished shooting mechanics, improved graphics and the new grappling hook which we first noticed on the newly revealed cover art. All the weapons featured some well-received boosts, except the grappling hook which many fans have criticised for feeling "too heavy", we can't give our judgement until it comes out this holiday. The halo reveal ends with a cinematic with a message from War Chief Escharum, taunting Master Chief with information that he is the last of the UNSC forces, claiming that he already has the whole of the array in his control.

I am not going to explain the little details of every game, because that would effectively make this article too long to read so I would make a list of those that are worth being revisited, and also a general list of all games talked about.
The next game to be shown after Halo was State of Decay 3, this is a game that has had some rumours surrounding what UndeadLabs has planned for the next instalment in their zombie Ip, the speculations where that the next instalment would feature a more massive online multiplayer than what we are being offered now, with some even going as far as claiming that the next version of the game would feature a battle royale mode, maybe something similar to what we've seen in other PvE titles like Dauntless.

    Thomas Mahler from Moon Studios showcased Ori and the will of the wisps running at 4k 120fps, stating that the game is going to include improved audio running on the Series X since they now have the speeds required to simulate them in real-time, he announced a free next-gen upgrade to all the current Xbox 1 players through the Smart Delivery system. Obsidian brought the heat, going from an expansion pack for The Outer Worlds; The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon to Grounded, the companies Minecraft-like Antman parody which sees the player in a twist of a survival game as you play in a shrunken state in what seems to be an abandoned back yard. Obsidian ended their showcase on a high note as they revealed a new Ip that they are working on titled Avowed which is set in the fantasy world of Eora; where Pillars of Eternity is based in, the RPG is said to have some long-term support similar to The Elder Scrolls games if anything else.

Matt Booty, the Chief of Xbox Game Studios revealed a new studio acquisition in the form of Interior Night a British studio which showcased a game titled, As Dusk Falls, which strives to be an interactive drama telling the stories of two people and how a robbery changed their lives.

    One of the most important announcements is that all the games revealed would be available on Game Pass immediately that they're released, giving Game Pass subscribers the best value for their money

    List of all the Games Shown:




Halo Infinite
State of Decay 3
Undead Labs
Survival Horror
Forza Motorsport 8
Turn Ten Studios
Tell Me Why
*Ori and the will of the Wisps[XSX]
Moon Studios
The Outer Worlds: Perils on Gorgon
Obsidian Entertainment
Obsidian Entertainment
Obsidian Entertainment
As Dusk Falls
Interior Night
*Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II
Ninja Theory
Psychonauts 2
Double Fine

*Destiny 2: Beyond Light
S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2
GSC Game world
Warhammer: DarkTide
Fat Shark

Tetris: Effect
Resonair, Monstars
The Gunk
Image & Form Games
The Medium
Bloober Team

New Genesis: Phantasy Star Online 2
Hacker Slasher
Crossfire X
Playground Games